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1 pc Beadsmith Fireline FLCR 6.8kg 0.12mm 110m (120 YD), Crystal Clear, Synthetic Fiber, USA

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SKU 8FL007-1p
Type of bead Stringing Material
Size 0.12 mm (0.004 inch)
Color Clear
Color of glass
Color code
Form / Brand
Hole diameter
Number of holes
Material Synthetic Fiber
Country of origin USA
Vendor BeadSmith

This beading thread is very strong and extremely flexible. It is made from polyethylene, one of the strongest fibers ever made. Fireline is a favorite beading thread of many beaders who create intricate designs requiring multiple passes. It is very durable and feels and works better than many other stringing materials. It does not stretch, knots easily, and will pass through a #12 beading needle.