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10 g Cut Seed Beads 15/0, Crystal Sunset, Czech Glass

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SKU 15SBC008-10g
Type of bead Cut Seed Beads
Size 15/0
Color Orange
Color of glass Crystal
Finishes Sunset
Color code 00030/27137
Form/Brand Seed
Hole diameter 0.4 mm (0.016 inch)
Number of holes 1 Hole
Material Glass
Country of origin Czech Republic
Vendor All Beads


Charlotte - traditional Czech glass beads. It is a round rocaille beads with one cut and polished face. Such a face adds a shiny effect to the beaded product when light shines on it. It gives an additional unique charm to your design. Thanks to the light refracting ability, Charlotte beads can be used to finish bright theatrical costumes, for the manufacture of handbags and clothing accessories. When embroidering, this bead lies flat, and the flat edge prevents the beads from scrolling. Preciosa Charlottes Cut 15/0 - Czech smallest beads, smaller than the Japanese, so these beads can be drawn into the rows of the Japanese or inserted into where the Japanese do not pass.