Czech pressed glass beads are different from the other types of beads in a beading kit because the finest pressed glass beads are made by expert craftsmen. These have a distinct appearance that reflects light and displays bright colors. They’re far more durable because of the detailed process by which they’re made, and add beauty and sophistication to any design or craft you use them for. You can also find them in a variety of different shapes and sizes for a diverse range of crafts.

What Are Pressed Glass Beads?

Czech pressed glass beads are made by melting glass rods, just like other Czech glass beads. However, a pressed glass bead is made using a mold. Whether they’re mass produced or individually crafted by an artist, pressed glass beads are made by adding the molten glass to a mold along with a needle that creates the hole for a bead. Afterward, the glass is cooled by tumbling it in a sand mixture that helps polish the surface to remove any lines. With the help of molds, manufacturers can make a wide variety of beautiful shapes, such as pressed glass flower beads, vintage pressed glass beads, and pressed glass leaf beads.

What Can I make from Pressed Glass Beads?

Using wholesale Czech pressed glass beads, designers and craft enthusiasts can make a multitude of designs, especially jewelry. Preciosa pressed glass beads to have a repetitive design and shape that, when added to a design, can be enhanced with captivating vintage beads.

Buy Pressed Glass Beads

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