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Pony Beads

Czech glass beads are some of the best beads that any beading enthusiast can get for their projects. Their unique designs, signature smooth surface, and vibrant colors have made them a fan favorite for both professionals and people who have a passing interest in beading. And one of the most interesting beads is pony beads by far.

What Are Pony Beads?

Pony beads are neon glass Czech beads that make for an excellent collection to any artisans arsenal. They come in two different sizes 5.5 mm and 14x7 mm, along with a wide range of colors. The beads hold a very generic shape similar to normal beads, making them great for beginners, as they are very versatile in their application. Their holes are in the center, while the shape of the bead resembles to that of a doughnut. Moreover, these are Czech beads, so they use a very traditional method of crafting. Craftsmen cut glass, melt it, mold it, sunbathe it, and finally polish it until it has the signature Czech glass smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Pony Beads?

As mentioned before, Pony beads have a very generic shape and can go well with almost everything. Since it’s shaping resembles that of ordinary beads, you can use them for any project of yours and in part of your project. You can use them as spacers between other beads in necklaces, bracelets, and even pendants. It can also go well with embroidery or other projects that you may have in mind.

Buying Pony Beads

Our immense collection of pony beads ensures that you find exactly the colors that you are looking for. The colors that we have are pink, blue, yellow, purple dark green, orange, green, and blue. We also offer various mixes of various colors such as the warm mix and the dark mix for smaller pony beads.

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