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Amos® Par Puca® Beads

Czech glass beads are an essential part of any beader’s kit since they add a lustrous shine to any beading project. These traditional Czech glass beads go well with a number of other different styles of beads, allowing you to make hundreds of unique combinations. Here’s what you should know about Amos par Puca beads.

What Are Amos Beads?

These gorgeous, shiny beads have the shape of a drop, which means they’re pointed from one end and rounded from the other. These two-holed beads are made using the Czech traditional glass making process, in which the glass is first cut, melted, tumbled in a sand bath, and then polished. Czech craftsmen make Amos par Puca beads in a number of different colors. However, they all have a smooth surface rather than textured one, and are 5x8 mm in size.

What Can I Make Using Amos Beads?

Experienced beaders can make a variety of different jewelry designs and art projects using Amos par Puca beads. You’ll find that Amos beads form an integral part of glass bead jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and even rings. If you prefer embroidery patterns of jewelry, Amos par Puca beads can add a refined look to your work, whether it’s for cushions, curtains, or table spreads.

Buy Amos Beads

We offer a wide range of Amos par Puca beads for you to purchase from. It includes a variety of different colors, such as bright pinks and yellows, and even muted greens and blues. Hues like juicy red will make a great addition to your kit, while earthy neutrals like brown are essentials for craft projects. Not to mention, we also have metallic finishes like gold, copper, rose gold, and silver, which can be polished or have a matte finish.

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